The Bouwerie

There are so many websites with so many things for sale, many wonderful and many, many more just not for you. That’s the whole fun of visiting the house of someone with an eye: an artist, a decorator, just someone with strong sense of what’s what and how it goes together—- you get to see a whole collection of disparate objects that are unified only by the style of the person who sees them, who finds them. Things suddenly go together that you never imagined on the same table or inhabiting the same gap on a bookcase (if there’s ever such a thing as a gap on a bookcase!). Shopping by designer or searching by keywords just yields another random selection and for that reason we have decided to have a few things, but only the best versions and all of them have to pass one simple test: it has to be very hard for us to sell them. This is how we know they fit together and that they are perfectly worthy of the love they will get.