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Master Level Venetian Handblown Glasses

Master Level Venetian Handblown Glasses

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There’s a reason that purple is such a good color. Tyrian purple was made for the ancients from a mucus secretion of a snail called …. and was very expensive to create. In fact, When a scientist in the 19th-century first produced synthetic dye, it became very fashionable and was named mauve after the mallow flowers color.

These glasses feel as if they are made of the thinnest extruded sugar, in a crazy color change purple that recalls a Zandra Rhodes dress or a bishop's cassock.I will call it “Alexandrite” since it glimmers all the way from what Rene Ricard called “orchid” to deep amethyst. Thinner than a warm breath on a frozen windowpane, this glass is so expertly blown that we are quite certain we shall never hold anything so fine again. It is an absolute gift to find a set of six of these glasses in such perfect condition as time has not been kind to most things this fragile.

  • Set of 6 handblown Venetian Glasses with amber-colored looped stem
  • Measuring 10 inches high
  • Condition excellent
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